Ron Sumer and everyone at Reef Coral do an amazing job on our 1,000 and 2,000 gallon fish tanks. They always are crystal clear and have a great variety of fish for our guests to enjoy. Ron and his team are outstanding and provide such great service.  - Zach Zillner


I've worked with Ron at a couple different locations for over two years. His service is dependable, reliable, and the tanks look fantastic. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to take their fish tanks to the next level.  - Eric Geloneck


I have been in business for over 30 years and have had salt water aquariums in my offices the entire time. Since Ron at Reef Coral took over the maintenance, I can honestly say that my 350 gallon tank has never looked better. He is very knowledgeable about marine systems and keeps my water crystal clear. I highly recommend Ron, if you are considering setting up a new system or need help with maintaining an old one.  - Dr. Thomas E. Foster


Ron and his staff provide a great service. Very efficient, clean and courteous! Great job every time…  Cajun Cove - Tim


Our fish tank is so soothing, just looking at it for a few minutes is relaxing. Our kids love showing it to company. Ron, with Reef Coral, helped us choose just the right size tank for our home and he’s always a great help whenever we have questions. - Margie Maybe

Ron of Reef Coral has been taking care of our aquarium since July of 2008. We had been using a competitor of Reef Coral and had become extremely dissatisfied with the condition and overall appearance of our tank. We have found that Ron takes a genuine interest in his client’s satisfaction with the appearance and maintenance of their tank. We have found that when we had an aquarium problem, he was prompt to take care of our needs. The appearance of our tank is very satisfying and appealing. A CPA’s office is usually very tense and the aquarium relaxes all those who come in, therefore it is imperative for our tank to look its best. We are a weekly maintenance account and find that Ron treats us as if we were “his only client”, when we know that he has many clients with larger tanks than ours. We have found is pricing to be reasonable and more than competitive. I would recommend Reef Coral to anyone looking for superior service with their aquarium needs.  - Bobbi Koontz

Customer service and honesty are what sets Reef Coral leaps and bounds above other marine shops. I've been prepared to spend hundreds of dollars on equipment and Ron let me know that it was unnecessary even though he lost a large sale. The livestock is healthy and if he does not have it- he will find it. Ron is honest, which in my eight years of reef-keeping is an incredibly rare asset among fish stores. - Jordan Stari

Ron at the Reef Coral has always gone above and beyond what you could expect from any business owner. Not only is he knowledgeable about all things aquatic, he also cares about his customers and what he sells them. I have watched Ron interact with many customers and one thing is always apparent, Ron will always do what is best for his customers and his livestock. - Bill Aguillard

Ron Sumer is the best aquarist I have dealt with in many years. He is honest and very hard working. He re-established my tank into a show tank and he is very reasonable priced. The only thing Ron needs now is to learn how to clean my glass perfectly, just joking, he does a fine job at glass cleaning also. One on Ron's most appealing attributes is that when he says he will be at your place at a certain day and time he is, no doubt about that; he cares. If anyone would like to give me a call I'd be glad to talk to them personally about Ron and his work. Good job Ron!  - Keith Lear GM Operations - DRILL VIEW


Reef Coral provides excellent service, outstanding quality and great communication. We are extremely pleased with the service provided and would highly recommend to others. Thank you! - Howard P. Sadler III Landmark of Baton Rouge


The “Best Little Reef Coral Shop” in the area. Ron and his staff very knowledgeable and helpful. Shop is very well stocked with items for reef systems.Reef Coral set up my 75 tank in April 2010 and I have been extremely pleased with its operation and the maintenance that they are performing monthly.Would most definitely recommend a visit to Reef Coral for any of your aquarium needs. - W. Z. "Bill" Foust

"I use Reef Coral for all my saltwater aquarium needs.  Not only does Reef Coral have a great selection of fish and corals, their prices on dry goods are very competitive.  And for the size of Reef Coral, I'm amazed at the breath and depth of their selection.  And as an added benefit, I get free advice from a factory trained expert.  It doesn't get any better!"- Alan Jones



 I have been a customer of Reef Coral for almost one year now.  I have had marine aquariums in the past with moderate success, but NEVER as successful as now with the advice and products I receive from Ron Sumer.  His experience and knowledge of marine life is essential to maintaining a healthy reef tank.  For the first time ever, there are corals growing and inverts multiplying in my tank. That, in itself is an amazing event happening right inside my own tank. I highly recommend Ron Sumer’s reef shop for the experienced reef keeper or the novice. - Emery Vallet

“ As a genuine novice in the Reef Tank World, I owe everything I’ve learned and the new appreciation and enjoyment I’ve experienced to the advise and counseling my Wife and I have received from the ‘Reef Tank Guru’, Ron of Reef Coral.

With patience and considerable expertise, he taught me ‘like a fifth grader’ the ins and outs of stocking, maintaining, understanding, and truly enjoying our tank.” - Bonnie Fussell  

“I am 100% satisfied with Ron and Reef Coral and will continue to use them.”  They have been servicing my tank for the last six months and the tank always looks crystal clear. I would recommend them in a heartbeat because of their knowledge, friendliness, and professionalism.   - Troy Schroeder 

We have always received excellent service from Reef Coral.  They are always very accommodating in providing us with their services when it is most convenient for us.  I highly recommend them. - Richard Ieyoub


 I never met anybody as hard working and honest person as Ron Sumer. Every time I want to buy a pretty fish he stops me because “ it does not go to your tank”
 “Other fishes may eat it or not enough room for it in the tank” If it was left to me, I will buy the whole store, they fit in the tank or not lol. He is always available for  questions.
 He answers all the phone calls. That is what I call CUSTOMER SERVICE.
 Thank you being the most honest and hard working man that you are  - Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mahoney


"Reef Coral has brought the life back to our fresh and salt water tanks.  Ron is honest, punctual, and reliable which are qualites difficult to find in the coral industry.  Additionally if his impressive selection of fresh or salt water can not meet my needs, he will order what i need/want. - Rubin Patel,M.D. OchsnerClinic



Over the past few years, Ron and his staff at Reef Coral have undertaken a number of aquatic tanks at my residences and businesses. They have helped me with the entire process from planning to purchasing to regular servicing. Along with being highly knowledgeable about aquatic life, Ron brings that personal touch that is always appreciated. I highly recommend Ron Sumer and Reef Coral to anyone in need of aquatic tanks or service.  - Ravi Patel

“Reef Coral has been providing us with sales, service, and consultation for our home aquarium since the opening of their store on Tiger Bend Road in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Ron Sumer and his staff are extremely reliable, courteous, and knowledgeable. We have recommended them without hesitation to several individuals and companies looking to initially invest in an aquarium or to enhance a preexisting system.”;  - Dr. Brandon and Kirsten Romano

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