Reef Coral is owned and run by Ron Sumer

one of Baton Rouge’s few scuba diving adventurers. Ron’s enthusiasm for marine life began when he was just six years old. It was then that his parents gave him five goldfish to care for which led to the development of his hobby of raising fish. As a result, Ron eventually got into the business of selling freshwater fish as a teenager, and now here he is years later opening his own store to share what he has seen and experienced during his aquatic adventures. From the vivid coral reefs of Mexico, to the shorelines of Greece, to the ancient underwater city of Bodrum off the coast of his native Turkey, Ron has for most of his life been living out his passion for scuba diving. Finally, after much hard work he has opened up his very own one-stop shop where he can share his passion for fish and reef coral with Baton Rouge.

What sets Reef Coral apart from many other aquatic shops is that we want you to be able to create your own distinct aquarium that can maintain a healthy ecosystem. Therefore, we supply you with both saltwater and freshwater supplies and marine life.

Even better, for those of you who just want a gorgeous aquarium that you and your guests can admire but not the hassle of upkeep, Ron is offering to come out and do the dirty work of cleaning the tank for you, ensuring your aquatic ecosystem is happy and healthy! So, if you are a beginning fish and coral enthusiast or an advanced aquarium guru, Reef Coral is without a doubt a place that can help you right away.

Reef Coral Aquarium specializes in designing, installing, and servicing custom aquariums in both business and residential settings.

With distributers from places such as Fiji, Jakarta, Bali, Belize, Red Sea, Christmas Island, Australia, Cook Islands, Marshall Islands, Hawaii. We offer a variety of exotic saltwater fish, corals, and live rock in Baton Rouge area. Additionally, we carry a wide variety of the highest quality aquarium accessories and supplies. Other services that Reef Coral offer are:

Maintenance Programs:

- Installation services
- Salt Water Or Fresh Water Custom Design – from 3 to 20,000 gallons
- Relocation services
- Diagnostics And Troubleshooting
- Construction And Remodels
- On Site Water Changes Up To 500 Gallons
- Emergency Service Calls With Guaranteed Response Time
- Fish and Coral Hospital and Extended Care In Our Individual Quarantine Tanks.
- Water Testing and Recommendations


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